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ABC zef:colomon last updated on 2021-03-20

use v6;
use Test;
use ABC::Grammar;

    my $match = ABC::Grammar.parse(slurp(""), :rule<tune_file>);
    ok $match, ' is a valid tune file';
    is @( $match<tune> ).elems, 3, "Three tunes were found";

    my @titles = @( $match<tune> ).flatmap({ @( .<header><header_field> ).grep({ .<header_field_name> eq "T" })[0] }).flatmap({ .<header_field_data> });
    is [email protected], 3, "Three titles were found";
    is @titles[0], "Cuckold Come Out o' the Amrey", "First is Cuckold";
    is @titles[1], "Elsie Marley", "Second is Elsie Marley";
    is @titles[2], "Peacock Followed the Hen. JWDM.07", "Third is Peacock";