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Algorithm::Evolutionary::Simple zef:jjmerelo last updated on 2022-03-04

2019-05-14  JJMerelo  <[email protected]>

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Simple.pm6: Adds a function for the best one in the population, with tests.

2019-04-01  Juan J. merelo  <[email protected]>

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Simple.pm6: Changes leading-ones to a single line, which should be a bit faster. 

2019-03-30  Juan J. merelo  <[email protected]>

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Simple.pm6: Adds leading-ones, besides having added before a few goodies, such as selectorecombinative algorithm. 

2018-08-09  Juan J. merelo  <[email protected]>

	* META6.json: Adds a new dependency, a logger, to the set of dependencies. 

2018-03-19  Juan J. merelo  <[email protected]>

	* examples/max-ones.p6: Tests with new Perl6 version and Bags
	perl6 -Ilib examples/max-ones.p6  6,62s user 0,06s system 102% cpu 6,517 total

	Although 6 seconds for a small algorithms is nothing to be terribly proud of... Concurrency is needed. 

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Simple.pm6 (Algorithm): Getting ready for the next version. I'll try to make a few adjustments.
	Result of timing it:

	perl6 -Ilib examples/max-ones.p6  8,70s user 0,10s system 104% cpu 8,419 total

	It will probably have to improve a little bit.

	Changes to Bag from BagHash. New timing:

	perl6 -Ilib examples/max-ones.p6  6,36s user 0,06s system 102% cpu 6,257 total
	* example/max-ones.p6: Example tested and ready to run

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