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App::GTD cpan:TYIL last updated on 2020-02-03

=begin pod

=NAME    App::GTD
=AUTHOR  Patrick Spek <[email protected]>
=VERSION 0.2.1

=head1 Synopsis

=item1 gtd [--help]
=item1 gtd add <words...>
=item1 gtd inbox
=item1 gtd inbox <id>
=item1 gtd next
=item1 gtd next <id> [--prio[=<a..z>]] [words...]
=item1 gtd someday
=item1 gtd someday <id>
=item1 gtd done <id>

=head1 Description

A command line application to support the L<Getting Things
Done|> methodology, written using the Raku
programming language.

=head1 Installation

=head2 Through C<zef>

L<zef|> is the standard distribution manager for
L<Raku|>. If you're using an end-user distribution like
L<Rakudo Star|>, it will be installed for you by

C<zef> will install the latest available version from

=begin code :lang<sh>
zef install App::GTD
=end code

=head1 Documentation

Documentation is available as Pod6 documents in the module. You can use a
module such as L<C<p6doc>|> or
L<C<App::Rakuman>|> to read through

    rakuman App::GTD
    rakuman App::GTD::Config

=head1 Contributing

=head2 Reporting bugs or other feedback

Any bugs or other feedback can be sent to my email address. I generally try to
respond to all mail within 24 hours.

=head2 Proposing code patches

Code patches can also be sent in through email. If you need help to send git
patches through email, you may want to read up on

=head1 License

This module is distributed under the terms of the GNU AGPL, version 3.0.

=end pod