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App::GTD cpan:TYIL last updated on 2020-02-03

#! /usr/bin/env perl6

use v6.d;


use App::GTD::Bin::Add;
use App::GTD::Bin::ListNext;
use App::GTD::Bin::ToNext;
use App::GTD::Bin::ListSomeday;
use App::GTD::Bin::ToSomeday;
use App::GTD::Bin::Done;
use App::GTD::Bin::ListInbox;
use App::GTD::Bin::Grep;
use App::GTD::Bin::Clean;
use App::GTD::Bin::Trash;
use App::GTD::Bin::Config;

=begin pod

=NAME    gtd
=AUTHOR  Patrick Spek <[email protected]>
=VERSION 0.2.1

=head1 Synopsis

=head1 Description

=head1 Examples

=head1 See also

=end pod

# vim: ft=perl6 noet