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App::Mi6 cpan:SKAJI last updated on 2019-12-24

App::Mi6 - minimal authoring tool for Raku


$ mi6 new Foo::Bar # create Foo-Bar distribution
$ mi6 build        # build the distribution and re-generate
$ mi6 test         # run tests
$ mi6 release      # release your distribution to CPAN


$ zef install App::Mi6


App::Mi6 is a minimal authoring tool for Raku. Features are:

  * Create minimal distribution skeleton for Raku

  * Generate from lib/Main/Module.pm6's pod

  * Run tests by `mi6 test`

  * Release your distribution tarball to CPAN


Can I customize mi6 behavior?

Yes. Use `dist.ini`:

; dist.ini
name = Your-Module-Name

; if you want to disable generating from main module's pod, then:
; enable = false
; if you want to change a file that generates, then:
; filename = lib/Your/Tutorial.pod

; if you want to prune files when packaging, then
; filename = utils/
; you can use Raku regular expressions
; match = ^ 'xt/'

; if you do not want to list some files in META6.json as "provides", then
; filename = lib/Should/Not/List/Provides.pm6

How can I manage depends, build-depends, test-depends?

Write them to META6.json directly :)

Where is the spec of META6.json?

See also [The Meta spec, Distribution, and CompUnit::Repository explained-ish]( by ugexe.

What is the format of the .pause file?

Mi6 uses the .pause file in your home directory to determine the username. This is a flat text file, designed to be compatible with the .pause file used by the Perl5 `cpan-upload` module ([]( Note that this file only needs to contain the "user" and "password" directives. Unknown directives are ignored.

An example file could consist of only two lines:

    user your_pause_username
    password your_pause_password

Replace `your_pause_username` with your PAUSE username, and replace `your_pause_password` with your PAUSE password.

This file can also be encrypted with GPG if you do not want to leave your PAUSE credentials in plain text.







Shoichi Kaji <[email protected]>


Copyright 2015 Shoichi Kaji

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the Artistic License 2.0.