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App::ModuleSnap cpan:JSTOWE last updated on 2021-01-29

#!/usr/bin/env raku

use v6;

=begin pod

=head1 NAME

p6-module-snapshot - create a distribution to reinstall installed modules


=begin code

    p6-module-snapshot [--directory=<.>]

=end code


This provides a simple mechanism to take a snapshot of the installed
modules for your rakudo installation as a distribution with
no installables just dependencies.

The data is collected as a META6.json in a timestamped sub-directory
of the current directory (or the directory specified on the command
line,) and you can at some later point change directory into that
directory and do

     panda install .


     zef install .

And the modules will be installed. You can of course copy the directory
to another machine or back it up or something.

This can be useful in two separate scenarios - firstly that you need to
do a completely fresh or side-by-side Raku installation on your
system, or you need to duplicate the installed modules from one
system on another.

=end pod

use App::ModuleSnap;
use META6;

multi sub MAIN(Str :$directory = '.') {

    my @parts = 'Snapshot', 'Auto',<[:+.-]>/,"", :g);
    my $name = @parts.join('::');
    my $dir-name = @parts.join('-');

    my $dir = $directory.IO.child($dir-name);

    my META6 $meta = App::ModuleSnap.get-meta(:$name);

    if !$dir.d {

    say "the snapshot has been written in the directory $dir";
# vim: expandtab shiftwidth=4 ft=raku