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App::Prove6 cpan:LEONT last updated on 2022-10-02



prove6 - Run tests through a TAP harness.


prove6 [options] [files or directories]

Boolean options
-v --verbose Print all test lines.
-l --lib Add 'lib' to the path for your tests (-Ilib).
--shuffle Run the tests in random order.
--ignore-exit Ignore exit status from test scripts.
--reverse Run the tests in reverse order.
-q --quiet Suppress some test output while running tests.
-Q --QUIET Only print summary results.
--timer Print elapsed time after each test.
--trap Trap Ctrl-C and print summary on interrupt.
--help Display this help
--version Display the version
Options with arguments
-I --incdir Library paths to include.
-e --exec Interpreter to run the tests ('' for compiled tests.)
--ext Set the extensions for tests (default <t rakutest t6>)
--harness Define test harness to use. See TAP::Harness.
--reporter Result reporter to use.
-j --jobs Run N test jobs in parallel (try 9.)
--cwd Run in certain directory
--err=stderr Direct the test's $*ERR to the harness' $*ERR.
--err=ignore Ignore test scripts' $*ERR.


Default Test Directory

If no files or directories are supplied, prove6 looks for all files matching the pattern *.{t,t6,rakutest} under the directory t.

Colored Test Output

Colored test output is the default, but if output is not to a terminal, color is disabled.

Color support requires Terminal::ANSIColor on Unix-like platforms. If the necessary module is not installed colored output will not be available.

Exit Code

If the tests fail prove6 will exit with non-zero status.


Normally you can just pass a list of Raku tests and the harness will know how to execute them. However, if your tests are not written in Raku or if you want all tests invoked exactly the same way, use the -e switch:

prove6 -e='/usr/bin/ruby -w' t/
prove6 -e='/usr/bin/perl -Tw -mstrict -Ilib' t/
prove6 -e='/path/to/my/customer/exec'



The --trap option will attempt to trap SIGINT (Ctrl-C) during a test run and display the test summary even if the run is interrupted


prove6 introduces a separation between "options passed to the raku which runs prove6" and "options passed to the raku which runs tests"; this distinction is by design. Thus the raku which is running a test starts with the default $*REPO. Additional library directories can be added via the RAKULIB environment variable or via the -Ilib option to prove6.