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App::Prove6 cpan:LEONT last updated on 2022-08-08

Revision history for App-Prove6

0.0.14  2022-08-08T14:41:49+02:00
    - Fix Path::Finder dependency declaration in META6.json

0.0.13  2022-08-06T21:53:37+02:00
    - Add cwd argument to set current working directory

0.0.12  2019-10-14T20:28:31+02:00
    - Fix TAP dependency for Raku source handler

0.0.11  2019-10-14T20:24:35+02:00
    - Add support for .rakutest extension
    - Use Raku source handler

0.0.10  2019-03-06T23:06:20+01:00
    - Fix check for --err argument
    - Fix version output to include prove6, TAP and perl6 version
    - Add --ext option
    - Add --quiet and --QUIET options

0.0.9  2019-02-03T15:50:25+01:00
    - Fail on non-existent arguments

0.0.8  2019-01-26T21:28:44+01:00
    - Import of prove6 from TAP::Harness
    - Move the implementation to App::Prove6
    - Switch to using Getopt::Long
    - Add long options for all short options