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App::RaCoCo cpan:ATROXAPER last updated on 2021-03-14
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[![Build Status](](

`App::RaCoCo` - Raku Code Coverage tool and library.


> racoco
All tests successful.
Files=16, Tests=114,  6 wallclock secs
Result: PASS
Coverage: 89.2%

> racoco --html --silent
Visualisation: file://.racoco/report.html
Coverage: 89.2%
> browsername .racoco/report.html


`App::RaCoCo` provides the `racoco` application, which can be used to run tests and calculate code coverage.

You may specify the following parameters:
* **--lib** - path to directory with coverable source files (`'./lib'` by default);
* **--raku-bin-dir** - path to directory with raku and moar binaries (`$*EXECUTABLE.parent` by default);
* **--exec** - command, which need to be executed to run tests. For example, you may pass `'prove --exec raku'` to the `exec` parameter to say `prove` to manage your tests, or use `--/exec` parameter to not run tests and use coverage data from the previous run (`prove6` by default);
* **--fail-level** - integer number - if coverage will be less than it then `racoco` will exit with non-zero exitcode;
* **--silent** - hide test result output;
* **--append** - do not clean coverage data before this `racoco` run and append its result to the previous one;
* **--html** - produce simple html page to visualize results;
* **--color-blind** - addition to `--html` parameter - use more readable colors than green/red pare. 


RaCoCo application works only with MoarVM backended Raku compiler.


Mikhail Khorkov <[email protected]>

Source can be located at: [github]( Comments and Pull Requests are welcome.


Copyright 2021 Mikhail Khorkov

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the Artistic License 2.0.