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App::RaCoCo zef:atroxaper last updated on 2022-07-01

Version history:

1.6.0   2022-07-02  'No precompilation modules and -I'
	- Add support for project modules with 'no precompilation' pragma. Such project will have inaccurate results.
	- Add '-I' option key as a short-cut for --exec='prove6 -I.'

1.5.0   2021-12-27  'Custom Reporters and Configurations'
	- Add possibility to implement a custom reporter
	- Add configuration file racoco.ini
	- Add -l option as a shout-cut for --exec='prove6 -l'
	- Remove all logic related --fix-compunit option. Now the correct folder is determined using the --raku-bin-dir option
	- Now --append option works through previous report.txt file instead of previous coverage.log file. The coverage.log file is deleted after each run because it can be very large
	- Improve calculation of coverage level. Most likely now the level will be lower than before

1.4.5		2021-11-03	'Bugfix release'
	- Fix fail when run on library with not existed .precomp directory (#10)

1.4.4		2021-10-23	'Bugfix release'
	- Fix #6 Warn in CoveredLinesCollector.rakumod

1.4.3		2021-10-23	'Bugfix release'
	- Fix project name getter for html page
	- Fix JS of report.html
	- Make .precomp directory check as ambiguous be before run tests
	- Add tags to META6.json
	- Add file

1.4.2		2021-10-22	'Bugfix release'
	- fix rare issue in covered lines collector
	- add code coverage badges

1.4.1		2021-10-21	'Second public release'
	- add --fix-compunit flag
	- fix tests for all three platforms
	- improve CI
	- Update README

1.3.1   2021-03-14  'The first public release'
	- Production ready code coverage tool