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App::Rak zef:lizmat last updated on 2023-01-17

Ideas / Todo's

- expose mapper functionality
- create plugin structure
- modify files met csv-per-line
- support for timezones, selecting on name, but also on properties
- some form if binary support
- search spesh log
- watch file support
- add --tar=name option to create tar-file from files with matches
- add --gist=title option to save search result
- now that we have ngram, perhaps allow for some fuzzy searching?
- support for spreadsheets
- support for colors a la ack
- add support for --type=json-path for the 'jp:' prefix to interpret
  the rest of the pattern as a JSON::Path specification.
- XPath en XML file support
- add Log::Timeline support somehow
- Allow for hypering withing a file if the file is larger than X bytes
  (probably 1MB)
- conflicts with variables set in default custom list, should not result
  in errors, e.g. making --smartcase a default, and then specifying some
  combination of options incompatible with --smartcase.

If a file is under version control, it does not mean it actually contains
text.  Need to fix that with --blame-per-file/line.

Options that can either be a flag or a string, appear not to be able to
accept values when used with --save.

Highlighting multiple patterns doesn't work in a mix of regular strings
and regexes.  Looks like regexes are not highlighted if there are none
regexes involved.  Is the highlighting then looking for the stringification
of the regex?