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Astro::Sunrise cpan:TBROWDER last updated on 2020-12-05

Revision history for Astro-Sunrise

0.0.2  2020-12-05T16:35:12-06:00
    - Forked to the Raku community account by
      @lizmat on 2020-11-26 to maintain the module originated by the late
      Jonathon Scott Duff
    - Converted to be maintained by App::Mi6
    - README added via docs/doc.pod6
    - Added a Location class to ease subroutine use
    - Added a working example in example/example.raku
    - Added a test for Location
    - Added LICENSE file for the Artistic 2.0 license

0.0.1  2016-01-06
    - Initial version by Jonathon Scott Duff