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Bailador cpan:UFOBAT last updated on 2019-08-18

Runs Bailador `t/` tests inside Docker containers using [Ducky]( tool.


    # install ducky first
    $ git clone
    $ PATH=$PWD/ducky:$PATH # add ducky.bash to the system PATH

# Run tests

    # then run Bailador tests against running docker container
    # tests are described at ducky.json file

    $ docker pull melezhik/alpine-perl6
    $ docker run --name bailador-alpine -itd  -v $PWD:/var/ducky melezhik/alpine-perl6
    $ ducky.bash bailador-alpine

# Run tests for other OS

OS list is limited by those ones where Rakudo binary package is available, see

Nothing have to be changed from the ducky point of view, except choosing another docker container. 

For example, for CentOS7:

    $ docker pull centos
    $ docker run --name bailador-centos -itd  -v $PWD:/var/ducky centos:7
    $ ducky.bash bailador-centos

# Author

Alexey Melezhik