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Base64::Native zef:dwarring last updated on 2022-07-01

#! /usr/bin/env perl6
#Note `zef build .` will run this script
use v6;

class Build {
    need LibraryMake;
    # adapted from deprecated Native::Resources

    #| Sets up a C<Makefile> and runs C<make>.  C<$folder> should be
    #| C<"$folder/resources/libraries"> and C<$libname> should be the name of the library
    #| without any prefixes or extensions.
    sub make(Str $folder, Str $destfolder, IO() :$libname!) {
        my %vars = LibraryMake::get-vars($destfolder);
        %vars<LIB_BASE> = $libname;
        %vars<LIB_NAME> = ~ $*VM.platform-library-name($libname);
        LibraryMake::process-makefile($folder, %vars);

    method build($workdir) {

        if Rakudo::Internals.IS-WIN {
            note "Using pre-built DLL on Windows";
        else {
            # DLLs are prebuilt on Windows. See 'build-libraries
            # job in .github/workflows/test.yml

            my $destdir = 'resources/libraries';
            mkdir 'resources';
            mkdir $destdir;
            make($workdir, $destdir, :libname<base64>);

# can also be run standalone
sub MAIN(Str $working-directory = '.' ) {$working-directory);