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Benchy zef:raku-community-modules last updated on 2022-05-19


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Benchy - Benchmark some code


use Benchy;

b 20_000,  # number of times to loop
    { some-setup; my-old-code }, # your old version
    { some-setup; my-new-code }, # your new version
    { some-setup } # optional "bare" loop to eliminate setup code's time

# Bare: 0.0606532677866851s
# Old:  2.170558s
# New:  0.185170s
# NEW version is 11.72x faster


Takes 2 Callables and measures which one is faster. Optionally takes a 3rd Callable that will be run the same number of times as other two callables, and the time it took to run will be subtracted from the other results.



The use of this module enables MONKEY pragma, so you can augment, use NQP, EVAL, etc, without needing to specify those pragmas.


b(int $n, &old, &new, &bare = { $ = $ }, :$silent)

Benches the codes and prints the results. Will print in colour, if Terminal::ANSIColor is installed.


How many times to loop.

Note that the exact number to loop will always be evened out, as the bench splits the work into two chunks that are measured at different times, so the total time is 2 × floor ½ × $n.


Your "old" code; assumption is you have "old" code and you're trying to write some "new" code to replace it.


Your "new" code.


Optional (defaults to { $ = $ }). When specified, this Callable will be run same number of times as other code and the time it took to run will be subtracted from the &new and &old times. Use this to run some "setup" code. That is code that's used in &new and &old but should not be part of the benched times.


If set to a truthy value, the routine will not print anything.


Returns a hash with three keys - bare, new, and old — whose values are Duration objects representing the time it took the corresponding Callables to run. NOTE: the new and old already have the duration of bare subtracted from them.



Zoffix Znet


Copyright 2017 Zoffix Znet

Copyright 2018 - 2022 Raku Community

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the Artistic License 2.0.