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CSS::TagSet zef:dwarring last updated on 2022-09-21

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A role to perform tag-specific stylesheet loading, and styling based on tags and attributes.

This is the base role for tag-sets, including [CSS::TagSet::XHTML](, [CSS::TagSet::Pango](, and [CSS::TagSet::TaggedPDF](


### method stylesheet

    method stylesheet(LibXML::Document $doc) returns CSS::Stylesheet;

An abstract method to build the stylesheet associated with a document; both from internal styling elements and linked stylesheets.

This method currently only extracts self-contained internal style-sheets. It neither currently processes `@include` at-rules or externally linked stylesheets.

### method inline-style

    method inline-style(Str $tag, Str :$style) returns CSS::Properties;

Default method to parse an inline style associated with the tag, typically the inline style is computed from the `style` attribute.

### method tag-style

    method tag-style(Str $tag, Str *%atts) returns CSS::Properties

Abstract method to compute a specific style, based on a tag-name and any additional tag attributes. This method must be implemented, by the class instance.

By convention, this method vivifies a new empty [CSS::Properties]( object, if the tag was previously unknown.

### method base-style

    method tag-style(str $tag) returns CSS::Properties

Abstract rule to