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CheckSocket zef:jonathanstowe last updated on 2022-08-08



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A very simple Raku function to test if a TCP socket is listening on a given address or a UNIX domain socket on the specified path


This module provides a very simple mechanism to determine whether something is listening on a TCP socket at the given port and address, or UNIX domain socket at a specified path. This is primarly for the convenience of testing where there may be a dependency on an external network service. For example:

 use Test;
 use CheckSocket;

 if not check-socket(80, "localhost") {
      skip-all "no web server";

# or

use Test;
use CheckSocket;

# Start some socket server concurrently
if wait-socket(80, "localhost") {
    # do some tests
else {
    skip-all "server didn't start in time";


You can install directly with zef:

# From the source directory

zef install .

# Remote installation

zef install CheckSocket


Suggestions/patches are welcomed via github at


Please see the LICENCE file in the distribution

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