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Color zef:raku-community-modules last updated on 2022-02-20

Revision history for Color

1.004001  2022-02-20T15:45:24+01:00
    - Remove now incorrect mention of Color::Operators

1.004  2022-02-20T15:35:37+01:00
    - Operators are now exported by default
    - Also tighten up the tests a bit with plans!

1.003  2022-02-20T15:09:41+01:00
    - First version in the zef ecosystem

1.002008  2020-03-30 (Vadim Belman - vrurg)
    - Make class Color inheritable: bless the invokant class and preserve all
      named parameters.

1.002007  2019-11-15 (David Warring - dwarring)
    - Added hsla and hsva conversion formats. Both fairly trivial; they
      just carry an alpha channel.

1.002005  2017-12-06 (by Marcel Timmerman - MARTIMM on github)
    - Added .alpha method to get and set alpha channel
    - Modified lighten, darken, (de)saturate, invert and rotate to return the
      color with the transparency level of the input color. The attribute alpha-math
      is copied as well.

1.002001  2015-12-06
    - Added .hex4 method (#1)

1.001001  2015-11-16
    - First version released on an unsuspecting world