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Cro::HTTP::Session::Red cpan:FCO last updated on 2019-05-15


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Cro::HTTP::Session::Red - Plugin for Cro to use Red as session manager



use Cro::HTTP::Log::File;
use Cro::HTTP::Server;
use Routes;
use Red;

$GLOBAL::RED-DB = database "SQLite", :database("{%*ENV<HOME>}/test.db");

User.^create-table: :if-not-exists;
UserSession.^create-table: :if-not-exists;

try User.^create: :name<CookieMonster>, :email<[email protected]>, :password("1234");

my Cro::Service $http =
    http => <1.1>,
    host => %*ENV<CLASSIFIED_HOST> ||
        die("Missing CLASSIFIED_HOST in environment"),
    port => %*ENV<CLASSIFIED_PORT> ||
        die("Missing CLASSIFIED_PORT in environment"),
    application => routes(),
    after => [ => $*OUT, errors => $*ERR)
say "Listening at http://%*ENV<CLASSIFIED_HOST>:%*ENV<CLASSIFIED_PORT>";
react {
    whenever signal(SIGINT) {
        say "Shutting down...";

# lib/Routes.pm6

use Cro::HTTP::Router;
use Cro::HTTP::Session::Red;
use Red;

model UserSession { ... }

model User is table<account> {
    has UInt            $!id       is serial;
    has Str             $.name     is column;
    has Str             $.email    is column{ :unique };
    has Str             $.password is column;
    has UserSession     @.sessions is relationship{ .uid }

    method check-password($password) {
        $password eq $!password

model UserSession is table<logged_user> does Cro::HTTP::Auth {
    has Str  $.id         is id;
    has UInt $.uid        is referencing{ };
    has User $.user       is relationship{ .uid } is rw;

sub routes() is export {
    route {
        before Cro::HTTP::Session::Red[UserSession].new: cookie-name => 'MY_SESSION_COOKIE_NAME';
        get -> UserSession $session (User :$user, |) {
            content 'text/html', "<h1> Logged User: $ </h1>";

        get -> 'login' {
            content 'text/html', q:to/HTML/;
                <form method="POST" action="/login">
                        Username: <input type="text" name="email" />
                        Password: <input type="password" name="password" />
                    <input type="submit" value="Log In" />

        post -> UserSession $session, 'login' {
            request-body -> (Str() :$email, Str() :$password, *%) {
                my $user = User.^load: :$email;
                if $user.?check-password: $password {
                    $session.user = $user;
                    redirect '/', :see-other;
                else {
                    content 'text/html', "Bad username/password";


Cro::HTTP::Session::Red is a Plugin for Cro to use Red as session manager. You can create any custom Red model to store the Cro session, but its id must be a Str and the generated session string will be used as the id.


Fernando Correa de Oliveira [email protected]


Copyright 2019 Fernando Correa de Oliveira

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the Artistic License 2.0.