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DB::Pg cpan:CTILMES last updated on 2021-07-02

use Test;
use Test::When <extended>;

use DB::Pg;

plan 4;

my $pg =;

lives-ok { $pg.execute(q:to//) }, 'create table test';
    create table test
        x int,
        y text

$pg.db.execute('copy test from stdin (format csv)')
    2,"more stuff"
    3,"yet more"
    4,"how about this"

is $pg.query('select y from test where x = $1', 2).value, 'more stuff',
    'copy in';

is-deeply $pg.execute('copy test to stdout (format csv)'),
    ( "1,something\n", "2,more stuff\n", "3,yet more\n", "4,how about this\n"),
    'copy out';

lives-ok { $pg.execute('drop table test') }, 'drop table test';