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Data::UkraineWar::MoD zef:jjmerelo last updated on 2022-08-13
# Using Raku to scrape and analyze Ukraine Ministry of Defense Data

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This is mainly code to extract information from the reports on Russian invader
losses published by the Ukrainian ministry of Defense, as well as extracted and
processed data.

## Docker containers

Get the latest version of the data locally:

docker run -p 31415:31415

and then

wget http://localhost:31415/ -o raw-data.csv
wget http://localhost:31415/deltas -o deltas.csv

You can also use

docker run --rm -t -v `pwd`:/home/raku/test

## Introduction

![Evolution of tanks (y axis) and APVs (color)](assets/tank-apv-evolution.png)

News about combat losses of the Russian invaders are periodically published
by the [Ukraininan minister of Defense](
This is a [Raku]( module that extracts information from
those pages, for instance [this one](

> Note: English reports are updated less frequently than the [Ukrainian
> one](,
> which are updated daily. That's left for future work.

## Installing

This repo uses Raku as well as Python for performing the whole downloading/scraping workflow. You will need a reasonably recent version of both to work. Additionally, install `poetry` globally.

When that's done, clone this repo or install via `zef` (when I upload it to the ecosystem
, shortly). If you want to run it directly from here, run

zef install --deps-only .


poetry install

If you just want to use the Raku part yourself, use `zef` for installation:

zef install Data::UkraineWar::MoD

## Running

You can always check the examples in the `t` directory. For convenience, an
[`Akefile`](Akefile) is also included. It contains several targets which automate some tasks

- `ake CSV`: generates CSV file in a fixed location
- `ake download`: invokes the python script to download data
- `ake prescrape`: check if there's some downloaded file that can't be scraped

## Reference

Not a lot of that, I'm afraid. There are two classes,
[`Data::UkraineWar::MoD::Daily`](lib/Data/UkraineWar/MoD/Daily.pm6), which
 will deal with content from a single webpage (updated daily-ish) and 
 [`Data::UkraineWar::MoD::Scrape`](lib/Data/UkraineWar/MoD/Scrape.pm6) which
  will look in a directory for all HTML pages and try to extract information
   from them, or bail out if some page does not contain losses information.
## Issues

 Please raise issues
 [at the repo](

## See also

Failed tests for scraping are included in the `bin` directory. `` is
functional, you will need to install the corresponding Python and Chrome

- Download `chromedriver` from [here]( You'll need to copy it by hand to
  the directory in the script, or anywhere else and change the script too
  . Please bear in mind that there are specific `chromedriver` binaries for
  every version of Chrome; they need to be exactly the same.

The raw content of the pages used as source is included in the [`raw-pages ` directory](raw-pages/), mainly for
caching purposes. They are (c) the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, and the
source is [this page](

## License

This module is licensed under the Artistic 2.0 License (the same as Raku
itself). See [LICENSE](LICENSE) for terms.