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Date::Calendar::CopticEthiopic cpan:JFORGET last updated on 2020-02-01



Date::Calendar::CopticEthiopic - conversions from / to the Coptic calendar and from / to the Ethiopic calendar


Converting a Gregorian date to both Coptic and Ethiopic

use Date::Calendar::Coptic;
use Date::Calendar::Ethiopic;

my Date                     $Perlcon-Riga-grg;
my Date::Calendar::Coptic   $Perlcon-Riga-cop;
my Date::Calendar::Ethiopic $Perlcon-Riga-eth;

$Perlcon-Riga-grg .= new(2019, 8, 7);
$Perlcon-Riga-cop .= new-from-date($Perlcon-Riga-grg);
$Perlcon-Riga-eth .= new-from-date($Perlcon-Riga-grg);

say $Perlcon-Riga-cop.strftime("%A %e %B %Y");
#--> Peftoou 1 Mesori 1735
say $Perlcon-Riga-eth.strftime("%A %e %B %Y");
#--> Rob 1 Nahas 2011

Converting a Coptic date and an Ethiopic date to Gregorian

use Date::Calendar::Coptic;
use Date::Calendar::Ethiopic;

my Date::Calendar::Coptic   $TPC-Pittsburgh-cop;
my Date::Calendar::Ethiopic $TPC-Pittsburgh-eth;
my Date                     $TPC-Pittsburgh-grg1;
my Date                     $TPC-Pittsburgh-grg2;

$TPC-Pittsburgh-cop .= new(year => 1735, month => 10, day => 9);
$TPC-Pittsburgh-grg1 = $;
#--> 9 Paoni 1735 = 16 June 2019

$TPC-Pittsburgh-eth .= new(year => 2011, month => 10, day => 14);
$TPC-Pittsburgh-grg2 = $;
#--> 14 Sane 2011 = 21 June 2019


zef install Date::Calendar::CopticEthiopic


git clone
cd Date-Calendar-CopticEthiopic
zef install .


Date::Calendar::CopticEthiopic is a module distribution providing two classes, Date::Calendar::Coptic and Date::Calendar::Ethiopic. The corresponding calendars both derive from the ancient Egyptian calendar. In each, a year consists of 12 months with 30 days each, plus 5 or 6 additional days (epagomene) at the end of the year. Leap years occurs every fourth year, with no adjustment for century years. The calendars also define weeks which last for 7 days, beginning on sunday and ending on saturday.


Jean Forget [email protected]


Copyright © 2019, 2020 Jean Forget

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the Artistic License 2.0.