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Date::Calendar::Hebrew cpan:JFORGET last updated on 2020-01-31

Revision history for Date-Calendar-Hebrew

0.0.3, released on Friday 2020-01-31 or Yom Shishi 05 Shvat 5780
    - renaming the repository, using "raku" prefix instead of "p6"
    - double-check typos in the month names and day names
    - add abbreviations for the months
    - better parameter checks
    - use Date::Calendar::Strftime role to get a strftime method

0.0.2, released on Wednesday 2019-08-21 or Yom Reviʻi 20 Av 5779
    - Fix typos in the documentation
    - missing depency in META6.json

0.0.1, released on Tuesday 2019-07-23, or Yom Shlishi 20 Tamuz 5779
    - Initial version