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Date::Calendar::Julian cpan:JFORGET last updated on 2021-01-13



Date::Calendar::Julian - Conversions from / to the Julian calendar


What is the peculiarity of 15 February for people using the Julian calendar? And can you please print it in, say, Dutch?

use Date::Calendar::Julian;

my Date $feb15-grg;
my Date::Calendar::Julian $palindrome-jul;

$feb15-grg      .= new(2020, 2, 15);
$palindrome-jul .= new-from-date($feb15-grg);

say $palindrome-jul;
# --> 2020-02-02
$palindrome-jul.locale = 'nl';
say $palindrome-jul.strftime("%A %e %B %Y");
# --> zaterdag  2 februari 2020

my Str $s1 = $palindrome-jul.strftime("%Y%m%d");
if $s1 eq $s1.flip {
  say "$s1 is a palindrome in YYYYMMDD format!";
$s1 = $palindrome-jul.strftime("%d%m%Y");
if $s1 eq $s1.flip {
  say "$s1 is a palindrome in DDMMYYYY format!";
$s1 = $palindrome-jul.strftime("%m%d%Y");
if $s1 eq $s1.flip {
  say "$s1 is a palindrome in MMDDYYYY format!";

The Perl & Raku Conference was scheduled to end on 1st August when using the Julian calendar. What is the corresponding Gregorian date?

use Date::Calendar::Julian;
my Date::Calendar::Julian $TPRC-Amsterdam-jul;
my Date                   $TPRC-Amsterdam-grg;

$TPRC-Amsterdam-jul .= new(year  => 2020
                         , month =>    8
                         , day   =>    1);
$TPRC-Amsterdam-grg = $;

say $TPRC-Amsterdam-grg;
# --> 2020-08-14


zef install Date::Calendar::Julian


git clone
cd raku-Date-Calendar-Julian
zef install .


Date::Calendar::Julian is a class representing dates in the Julian calendar. It allows you to convert an Julian date into Gregorian (or possibly other) calendar and the other way.

With class Date::Calendar::Julian::AUC, you can count the years since the founding of Rome.


Jean Forget [email protected]


Copyright © 2020, 2021 Jean Forget

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the Artistic License 2.0.