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Date::Calendar::MayaAztec cpan:JFORGET last updated on 2020-07-30

Revision history for Date-Calendar-MayaAztec

0.0.2 released on 1 Yaskin 13 Etznab, or 20 Quecholli 13 Tecpatl, or Thursday 30 July 2020
    - Add a C<daycount> attribute to the Aztec dates, to allow programs to convert I<from> Aztec calendar to other calendars.
    - Add a method to build Aztec and Maya dates from the calendar round values.

0.0.1 released on 0 Pop 9 Caban, the first day of the new Haab year, or,
      or 9 Ollin 19 Huei Tecuilhuitl, or Tuesday 31 March 2020
    - Initial version