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Date::Event zef:tbrowder last updated on 2023-03-18


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Date::Event - Provides a class suitable for use with calendars or any Raku program associated with the Raku Date type


use Date::Event;


Date::Event is a class that provides basic attributes to describe an event occurring on a particular Date. It is suitable for multiple instances on a Date and is defined as follows:

enum EType (
    Birth       => 1, 
    Christening => 2,
    Baptism     => 3,
    BarMitzvah  => 4,
    BatMitzvah  => 5,
    Graduation  => 6,
    Wedding     => 7,
    Anniversary => 8,
    Retirement  => 9,
    Death       => 10,

    Holiday     => 100,
    Other       => 200,

class Date::Event {
    has $.id;
    has $.name;
    has $.short-name;
    has EType $.type;
    has Date $.date;
    has Date $.date-observed;
    has $.notes;

    # A default event is normally set on a certain date.
    # Many holidays are an exception in that they are calculated
    # based on one or more date criteria or conversion
    # from another calendar (e.g., from Jewish to Gregorian).
    has Bool $.is-calculated = False; 

#= Enable the user to change the attribute
method is-calc {
    $!is-calculated = True


Tom Browder [email protected]


© 2023 Tom Browder

This library is free software; you may redistribute it or modify it under the Artistic License 2.0.