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DateTime::Monotonic cpan:JMASLAK last updated on 2020-01-31

Revision history for DateTime-Monotonic

0.0.6  2020-01-31T06:33:34Z
    - Minor documentation changes only

0.0.5  2020-01-18T23:52:28Z
    - Rename repo from Perl6 to Raku

0.0.4  2018-12-04T23:56:01-07:00
    - Allow procedural interface to be used without requiring exports.

0.0.3  2018-12-04T23:38:10-07:00
    - Add procedural interface

0.0.2  2018-12-04T22:19:55-07:00
    - seconds() is now thread-safe

0.0.1  2018-12-03T18:29:25-07:00
    - Initial version