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Dist::META zef:jjmerelo last updated on 2022-12-12
# Dist::META [![Test-install distro](](

The main intention of this module is to offer an uniform API for data that
 might be spread over different keys in the
 [`META6.json` file](

This initial version, however, will focus on getting dependencies right, in a
 single array.
## Installing

The usual 

    zef install Dist::META

## Running

`Dist::META` subclasses [`META6`](
); please check out that distribution for its common API. It adds a class
 attribute, `.dependencies`. Over this META6.json
  "name" : "JSON::Marshal",
  "tags" : [ "object", "serialisation", "JSON" ],
  "authors" : [ "Jonathan Stowe <[email protected]>" ],
  "author" : "Jonathan Stowe <[email protected]>",
  "auth" : "github:jonathanstowe",
  "support" : {
    "source" : "git://"
  "source-url" : "git://",
  "perl" : "6",
  "build-depends" : [ ],
  "provides" : {
     "JSON::Marshal" : "lib/JSON/"
  "depends" : [ "JSON::Tiny" ],
  "test-depends" : [
  "description" : "Simple serialisation of objects to JSON",
  "version" : "0.0.1"

You can run this program

use Dist::META;
my $obj = => $meta-path); # Use path to above file
say $obj.dependencies[0]; # Prints JSON::Tiny
say $obj.dependencies[0].DependencyType; # RUNTIMEDEP
say $obj.dependencies[1].DependencyType; # TESTDEP;

`.dependencies` is an array with all dependencies, "tagged" (using mix-ins
) with `RUNTIMEDEP`,`BUILDDEP` or `TESTDEP`, depending on where they have
 been defined (independently of the META6.json key they have used).

## See also

[Test::META]( tests that
 specifications are correct. [`Pakku::Spec`](, part of the Pakku package manager, also contains a parser for
 `META6.json that is closer to the current spec.
## License
This module will be licensed under the Artistic 2.0 License.