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Draw2D::Furniture cpan:TBROWDER last updated on 2020-03-20


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Provides custom, scaled furniture outlines for home and office planning

Additional dependencies

In addition to the automatically installed Raku modules, the user needs to manually install or otherwise ensure the following are available:

  1. Perl module PostScript::File
  2. program ps2pdf


Note the default output file names can be specified in the input data file.

See the example input file in the test directory (t/data/furniture-input.txt).

Run the Makefile in your clone of this repository to create output files from the example input file:

Raku $ make doc PERL6LIB=lib raku -Ilib bin/draw2d-output t/data/furniture-input.txt Normal end. See output files: furniture-list.pdf furniture-drawings.pdf

You can run make doc2 to run the program with the debug flags on if you wish.

In either case, run make clean to remove the created files.


Interested users are encouraged to contribute improvements and corrections to this module. Pull requests (PRs), bug reports, and suggestions are always welcome.

Artistic 2.0. See LICENSE.

Copyright (c) 2020 Thomas M. Browder, Jr. <[email protected]>