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EventSource::Client cpan:JSTOWE last updated on 2021-02-17
# EventSource::Client

A Raku client for [Server-Sent Events](

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## Synopsis

use EventSource::Client;

react {
    whenever => "") -> $event {
        say "> " ~ $;

## Description

[Server-Sent Events]( provide a mechanism for
timely delivery of server to client events over HTTP and can in some use-cases
be more convenient than a similar pattern implemented using Web Sockets and is
easier on the network than, for instance, HTTP polling by the client.

This library allows you to consume server sent events in a Raku program in
a reasonably idiomatic and reactive fashion.

## Installation

Assuming you have a working Rakudo installation then you should be able to
install this with `zef` :

    zef install EventSource::Client

    # Or from a local clone

    zef install .

## Support

Please post any bugs, feature requests or patches at  [github](

## Copyright & Licence

This is free software, please see the [LICENCE](LICENCE) for details.

© Jonathan Stowe 2020-2021