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FDF cpan:WARRINGD last updated on 2020-10-14

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class FDF

Entry point into an FDF document


The trailer of an FDF file enables a reader to find significant objects quickly within the body of the file. The only required key is Root, whose value is an indirect reference to the file’s catalogue dictionary (see Table 242). The trailer may optionally contain additional entries for objects that are referenced from within the catalogue.


This class inherits from [PDF]( and has most its methods available, including: `new`, `open`, `save-as`, `update`, `Str` and `Blob`.

Note that `encrypt` is not applicable to FDF files.

class FDF::Catalog $.Root (catalog)

(Required; shall be an indirect reference) The Catalog object for this FDF file

### method fields

method fields() returns Mu

Return a list of fields

    use FDF;
    use FDF::Field;
    my FDF $fdf .= open("MyDoc.pdf");
    my FDF::Field @fields = $fdf.fields;

### method fields-hash

method fields-hash(
) returns Mu

Returns a Hash of fields

    my FDF::Field %fields = $fdf.fields-hash;