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FDF cpan:WARRINGD last updated on 2020-10-14

use v6;
use Test;
plan 8;
use PDF::Field;
use PDF::Field::Text;
use FDF::Field;
use PDF::COS;

my %pdf-dict =

my PDF::Field $pdf-field .= coerce-field: %pdf-dict;
my FDF::Field $fdf-field .= coerce-field: { :T<surname-fld> } ;

does-ok $fdf-field, FDF::Field;
does-ok $pdf-field, PDF::Field::Text;
lives-ok { $pdf-field.check }, 'PDF::Field.check()';
lives-ok { $fdf-field.check }, 'FDF::Field.check()';

lives-ok {$fdf-field.import: from => $pdf-field;}

for <T V Ff> {
    is $fdf-field."$_"(), %pdf-dict{$_}, "export of $_";