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File::Name::Editor zef:amano.kenji last updated on 2022-06-01



Rename files in any text editor that you like.

Cyclic renames such as A to B, B to C, and C to A are possible.

Programmatic Usage

use File::Name::Editor;

my @files = ("file1", "file2", ...);
my $editor = %*ENV<EDITOR>;
edit-file-names(@files, $editor);

If there are problems, exceptions are thrown. Catch exceptions if necessary.

edit-file-names(@files, $editor, :overwrite);

allows File::Name::Editor to overwrite files not in @files.

Command Line Usage


prints how to use it.


You can install it with zef.

zef install File::Name::Editor

This installs file-name-editor in ~/.raku/bin or some other place.

If your linux distribution has it, you can install it with your distribution's package manager.