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Font::AFM cpan:WARRINGD last updated on 2017-11-24

   Release 1.24.2
   - Replace ISO Latin subset with a full glyph table of all unicode points
     included in the Core 12 text fonts.
   - Added glyph table sources etc/glyphlist.txt and etc/
   Release 1.24.1
   - Fix this module to work with multiple fonts as per PR 5
   Release 1.24.0
   - Fix issue #4 IsFixedPitch returns 'false' or 'true', not
     a True Boolean.
   - In general, all return values are now correctly typed as Int,
     Numeric, String, Bool, Version or Array based on the data-types
     defined in the specification
   Release 1.23.6
   - restore lost /etc/
   - avoid need to stantiate metrics classes. Can now use
     Font::Metrics::courier.BBox, without the need for
   - withdraw$name) constructor in favour of:$name)
   Release 1.23.5
   - $.kern method now returns a two item list:
     my ($kerned, $stringwidth) = $font.kern("RVX");
   - Fixed kerning of Courier, and other fonts without kerning data
     `$font.stringwidth(..., :kern)` and `$font.kern(...)` both now work.
     If the font lacks kerning data `:kern` is ignored and `$font.kern`
     returns a single element.
   - Make class-name method private
   - Use perl6.c TWEAK submethod

   Release 1.23.4
   Fixed %ISOLatin1Encoding character encoding table

   Release 1.23.3
   Fixed `provides` paths in

   Release 1.23.2
   Fixed for latest rakudo
   - a multi submethod BUILD can no longer be directly inherited. Changed
     it to a singular method which calls a multi method

   Release 1.23.1
   Replaced dynamic Pand with semi-static
   - generated AFM files should seldom change. build-time generation of modules
     was overkill. generated sources are now checked in, and can be occasionally
     regenerated, when needed.
   Release 1.23
   Making things less ISO-Latin1 centric
   - inverted @ISOLatin1Encoding => %ISOLatin1Encoding
   - removed method .wx-table('latin-1')
   - renamed method .encode => .kern
   - added :%chars option to .stringwidth, .kern
   - compute metrics for Symbol, ZapfDingbats
   - added types to declarations

   Release 1.22
   BBox - now fully parsed to an array of integers
   Kerning now supported
   - $afm.Kern - returns kerning table as a two dimensional hash array
   - $afm.stringwidth("RVX", :kern) - computes stringwith after kerning
   - $afm.encode("RVX", :kern) - encode and kern characters.


   Release 1.21

   Perl 6 port of Perl 5 version 1.20. See for previous
   change-log and other details.

   - included full set of AFM data in etc/Core14_Fonts
   - font metrics are computed at panda build time

   - classess are now lowercase, e.g. Font::Mertics::times-bold. Plays better with upstream
     case insensitive handling, e.g. in PDF::Compose