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Format::Lisp zef:raku-community-modules last updated on 2022-03-09
Format::Lisp [![Tests on source](](

Implementing Common Lisp's (format) language for Perl 6 - Mostly because it's
an interesting challenge, but partially because it offers much more powerful
options than any `sprintf`-style formatter, including Python and Ruby's. 
Check out [source](lib/Format/Lisp.pm6) for the instructions, or [this 
reference manual](


* Using zef (a module management tool bundled with Rakudo Star):

    zef update && zef install Format::Lisp

## Testing

To run tests:

zef test .

# Synopsis

use Format::Lisp;

my $fl =;
say $fl.format( "~~,,'~c:~c", ',', 'X' );
my $func = $fl.formatter( "x~ax" );


## Author

Originally: late Jeffrey Goff, DrForr on #perl6,

## License

Artistic License 2.0