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GTK::Simple zef:finanalyst last updated on 2022-09-27




GTK::Simple is a set of simple GTK 3 bindings using NativeCall. Only some GTK widgets are currently implemented. However, these are enough to create a reasonable interactive GUI for an idiomatic Raku program. The GTK Widgets in this distribution include the following:

Widget Description
Button A simple button with a label and a callback
ComboBoxText A simple combo box
Entry Allows for text to be provided by the user
FileChooserButton A button that opens a file chooser dialog
Frame A bin with a decorative frame and optional label
Grid A table-like container for widgets for window design
Label Adds a line of text
LevelBar A bar that can used as a level indicator
LinkButton Create buttons bound to a URL
MarkUpLabel Adds text with GTK mark up (e.g. color and font manipulation)
Menu A simple menu with a menu item label
MenuBar A simple menu bar that contain one or more menus
MenuItem A simple menu item that can have a sub menu
MenuToolButton A menu tool button with a label or an icon
PlacesSidebar Sidebar that displays frequently-used places in the file system
Scale Allows for a number to be provided by the user
ScrolledWindow Container for widgets needing scrolling, eg., multiline texts
RadioButton A choice from multiple check buttons
Spinner Showing that something is happening
TextView Adds multiple lines of text
Toolbar A tool bar that can contain one or more menu tool buttons
VBox, HBox Widget containers which enable window layout design


use GTK::Simple;
use GTK::Simple::App;

my $app = title => "Hello GTK!" );

        my $button = => "Hello World!"),
        my $second = => "Goodbye!")

$app.border-width = 20;
$second.sensitive = False;
$button.clicked.tap({ .sensitive = False; $second.sensitive = True });
$second.clicked.tap({ $app.exit; });

The first four examples were written as mini tutorials to show how the system works: - Hello world - Toggles - A simple grid - Marked Scales

For more examples, please see the examples/ folder.


The full functionality of GTK 3 is not available in this module.


This module requires the GTK3 library to be installed. Please follow the instructions below based on your platform:

Debian Linux

sudo apt-get install libgtk-3-dev

Mac OS X

brew update
brew install gtk+3


The GTK team describes how to do this for Windows at Setting up GTK for Window

Installation and sanity tests

Use the zef package manager

$ zef install GTK::Simple


Jonathan Worthington, jnthn on #raku,


The Raku team


The Artistic License 2.0