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GTK::Simple zef:finanalyst last updated on 2023-02-25

#!/usr/bin/env perl6

use v6;

use lib 'lib';
use GTK::Simple::App;
use GTK::Simple::Frame;
use GTK::Simple::TextView;
use GTK::Simple::VBox;

my $app        ="Frame Demo"));
my $text-view  ="Some Text"));
my $frame      ="Some Label"));
my $vbox          =$text-view);
$text-view.text = q:to/SAMPLE/;
    This is some lines of text to show alignment of box
    All the lines should be aligned RIGHT
    Default for a TextView is align CENTER
    Also possible are LEFT and FILL
$text-view.alignment = RIGHT;
$vbox.border-width = 20;
$frame.set-content( $vbox );
$app.set-content( $frame );
$app.border-width = 20;