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Game::Bayes cpan:KOBOLDWIZ last updated on 2021-06-09


*** Game of Risk in examples, print (non-curses) rectangles of neighbouring
countries, risk-o-matic (automatic play between non-player characters.)

*** An example with putting the numbers between [0,1], instead of the approximations

*** An example using Hawking temperature (Boltzmann function, T=10 or 
T = Hawking) approx. for Bayes prob. Can also use a Taylor expansion for 
numerical analysis. calculate difference between 2 probabilities (a loss
function) using as value of $believedp, statistics on a value of a Hawking
temperature as temperature in a Boltzmann function. Keep the temp constant.

*** Age of Empires 3 ripoff demo using pagan (SDL2::Raw, SDL, Cairo graphics) or
automatic play without graphics

*** games using ncurses