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Game::Covid19 zef:lizmat last updated on 2021-11-07

Revision history for Game-Covid19

0.0.7  2021-11-07T12:45:11+01:00
    - Remove module statement, it isn't necessary anymore

0.0.6  2021-09-08T13:43:51+02:00
    - Change file extension to .rakumod
    - Migrate to zef ecosystem
    - Update email address
    - Update copyright year

0.0.5  2020-07-12T12:15:52+02:00
    - If you're seriously ill, you'll always need 6 months for recovery.

0.0.4  2020-07-11T10:39:34+02:00
    - Fix spello's, Paul Cochrane++

0.0.3  2020-07-10T21:39:26+02:00
    - Fixed one missing "if $verbose".
    - Added support and documentation for "death-rate".

0.0.2  2020-07-10T13:57:40+02:00
    - "on a ventilator", not "in a ventilator".

0.0.1  2020-07-10T13:48:18+02:00
    - Initial version.