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Getopt::Advance cpan:ALOREN last updated on 2018-11-20


* 2018-11-20

    Fix the type of attribute of ReturnValue, should be Array.

* 2018-10-13

    `MAIN` should not have empty block.
    Coerce the value to Bool when set the value of Boolean option.

* 2018-10-05

    Fix the option name not allow dash character.

* 2018-10-02
    Fix syntax error of reset `Option` value.
    Fix error that not clean the subscriber, that will cause some stranger behavior.

* 2018-10-01

    Print the `CMDs` and `POSs` which not have annotation.
    Add named argument `one-section-cmd` to `ga-helper`, using it by pass it to `&getopt`.

* 2018-09-30

    Make help generator more readable.
    Add `COMMANDs`, `POSITIONs`, `POSITIONs` when generate for single `OptionSet`.
    Current, show the `COMMANDs`, and `POSITIONs` information for multiple `OptionSet`.
    Add named arguments `disable-pos-help`, `disable-cmd-help` to `&ga-helper`, using it by pass it to `&getopt`.

* 2018-09-29

    Should check the cmd after broadcast non-option in `PreParser`.
    Fix the issue not clean the `prenoa`.
    Add more test for `PreParser`.
    Fix the issue not handle the multiple `OptionSet` correctly.
    Add a named argument for `&ga-helper`, disable it by pass `:!compact-help` to `&getopt`, default is False.

* 2018-09-27

    Fix the value which passed to `Option::Array` and `Option::Hash` callback.
    Update the README.
    Add a method `unregiste` to TypesManager.
    Add a sample redefine the option prefix.

* 2018-09-26

    Fix the issue that not clean the `@!noa` of Parser.
    Fix the some method signature of Option.

* 2018-09-25

    Fix issue about skip argument.

* 2018-09-18

    Fix some issue about autohv.

* 2018-09-16

    Do refactoring with a few API changed.
    Easy way to expand things.

* 2018-09-04

    Fix the signature error of `Cmd`.

* 2018-08-25

    Add a method `merge` to `OptionSet`.

* 2018-07-06

    Replace the method new-from-optstring with from-optstring.

* 2018-07-05

    Add value attribute to `pos`(NonOption::Pos), it will be set when `pos`(NonOption::Pos) matched.

    Fix a bug of `pos` index matching.

    You can access type manager of OptionSet now.

    Update some documents of `pos`(NonOption::Pos).