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Git::File::History zef:jjmerelo last updated on 2022-10-27
# Git::File::History [![Test-install and cache deps](]( ![Logo](resources/logo.png)

Get all versions of a file in a git repository. Main use case for this is 
when you use the repository for storage, and want to examine the progression 
of some files. Or whatever. I don't really know, it was an itch I had to 
scratch and here we are.

## Installing

Usual way:

    zef install Git::File::History


use Git::File::History;

my $file-histories =; # Will throw if not in a repo
say $file-histories.history-of( "");

# .date contains a DateTime object, .state the contents of the file
for $file-histories.history-of( "t/01-basic.t") -> $fv {
   say $, " → ", $fv.state.split("\n").elems;

# Repo in another directory:
my $file-histories' = "another/dir" );

# Limit to a few files (for big repos)
my $yet-another = :files("t/*.t") );

## See also

Other [git-related stuff]( in Raku land

## License

(c) JJ Merelo, [email protected]

This module will be licensed under the Artistic 2.0 License (the same as Raku itself).