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Gnome::Gdk3 cpan:MARTIMM last updated on 2020-07-17
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# Gnome Gdk - Low-level abstraction for the windowing system


# Description

# Documentation

| Pdf from pod | Link to Gnome Developer |
| Gnome::Gdk3::Display | [Controls a set of Screens and their associated input devices][GdkDisplay]
| [Gnome::Gdk3::Events][Gnome::Gdk3::Events pdf] | [Device events][GdkEventTypes]
| Gnome::Gdk3::Keysyms |
| Gnome::Gdk3::RGBA | [Red Green Blue and Opacity structure][GdkRGBA]
| Gnome::Gdk3::Screen | [Object representing a physical screen][GdkScreen]
| [Gnome::Gdk3::Types][Gnome::Gdk3::Types pdf] |
| Gnome::Gdk3::Window | [Windows][GdkWindow]

## Release notes
* [Release notes][changes]

# Installation
Do not install this package on its own. Instead install `Gnome::Gtk3`.

`zef install Gnome::Gtk3`

# Author

Name: **Marcel Timmerman**
Github account name: **MARTIMM**

# Issues

There are always some problems! If you find one, please help by filing an issue at [my Gnome::Gtk3 github project][issues].

# Attribution
* The inventors of Raku, formerly known as Perl 6, of course and the writers of the documentation which helped me out every time again and again.
* The builders of the GTK+ library and the documentation.
* Other helpful modules for their insight and use.
* Icons used from, humility icons, Andy Fitzsimon, licensed GPL.

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[Gnome::Gdk3::Events html]:
[Gnome::Gdk3::Events pdf]:
[Gnome::Gdk3::Types html]:
[Gnome::Gdk3::Types pdf]: