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Gnome::Gtk3 cpan:MARTIMM last updated on 2020-09-23

use v6;
#use lib '../gnome-gobject/lib';

use NativeCall;
use Test;

#use Gnome::GObject::Type;
use Gnome::Gtk3::MenuBar;
use Gnome::Gtk3::Menu;
use Gnome::Gtk3::MenuShell;
use Gnome::Gtk3::MenuItem;
use Gnome::Gtk3::MenuButton;

#use Gnome::N::X;

subtest 'ISA tests', {
  my Gnome::Gtk3::MenuButton $mb .= new;
  isa-ok $mb, Gnome::Gtk3::MenuButton;

  my Gnome::Gtk3::Menu $m .= new;
  isa-ok $m, Gnome::Gtk3::Menu;
  isa-ok $m, Gnome::Gtk3::MenuShell;

  my Gnome::Gtk3::MenuItem $mi .= new;
  isa-ok $mi, Gnome::Gtk3::MenuItem;

  my Gnome::Gtk3::MenuBar $mba .= new;
  isa-ok $mba, Gnome::Gtk3::MenuBar;

subtest 'menu item labels and such', {
  my Gnome::Gtk3::MenuItem $mi .= new(:label<Open>);
  isa-ok $mi, Gnome::Gtk3::MenuItem, 'MenuItem with label';
  is $mi.get-label, 'Open', 'label retrieved from menu item';

  is $mi.get-label, 'Close', 'modified label retrieved from menu item';