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HTTP::Headers cpan:HANENKAMP last updated on 2019-12-02

v0.5.0	2019-12-01

    * Deprecation: for-P6WAPI is now deprecated
    * Added the for-WAPI method
    * Add Real coercion to headers.
    * Improved safety around parameter handling.
    * Better use of .primary on Content-Type

v0.4.0	2019-01-09

    * COMPATIBILITY BREAKING: Added type checking to methods. I do not know that
      this breaks compatibility, but it probably does.
    * Deprecation: for-PSGI is now deprecated
    * Modernized the documentation.
    * Removed custom clone methods that had been put into the header objects. I
      am not sure why these were added and they did not seem necesssary.

v0.3.0	2019-01-01

    * Bugfix: Added missing return-rw statements when returning values from is
      rw methods.
    * Bugfix: Cache-Control header was unusuable because a test for truth should
      have been a test for definedness during header construction.
    * Bugfix: There was a typo in the Accept-Language header method.
    * Deprecation: for-P6SGI has been replaced with for-P6WAPI
    * Deprecation: flatmap is deprecated
    * Added documentation regarding the downside of overusing Proxy for building
      mutators in Perl 6.
    * Adding support for Numeric + ops on HTTP::Header, so
      $header.Content-Length += 42 works as expected.

v0.2    2018-07-27

    * PR #11: Fixes missing `is rw` declarations. (HT: @AlexDaniel)
    * Renamed .pod files to .pod6
    * Deprecated .for(). this seriously demonstrates how long ago I last
      touched this code. Whoa.
    * Added the .map() method.
    * Added the :eol option to HTTP::Headers.Str

v0.1    2018-04-24

    * Initial release to CPAN.