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HTTP::Server::Router::YAML zef:tony-o last updated on 2021-02-15
# A simply YAML router for HTTP::Server::Router

A simple YAML router for `HTTP::Server::Router`

## Usage

use HTTP::Server::Router::YAML;
use HTTP::Server::Async;

my $s =;

serve $s;
route-yaml 'route1.yaml';


  /test: # this is the path, you can use :placeholders too
    controller: Whatever #an attempt to require this module will be made
    sub:        test     #this is the method in the module that the requests
                         #   to path will passed along to

# Methods

# serve

This method expects an `HTTP::Server` as an argument and will bind itself to whatever server(s) is supplied.

# route-yaml (Str $path-to-yaml-file)

This method will attempt to parse the yaml file and bind any paths possible

# credits