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HarfBuzz::Shaper::Cairo cpan:WARRINGD last updated on 2021-02-19

class HarfBuzz: :Shaper::Cairo

HarfBuzz / Cairo shaping integration


use HarfBuzz::Shaper::Cairo :&cairo-glyphs;
use HarfBuzz::Shaper;
use Cairo;
my Cairo::Glyphs $glyphs;
my $file = 't/fonts/NimbusRoman-Regular.otf';
my $text = 'Hell€!';
# -- functional interface --
my HarfBuzz::Shaper $shaper .= new: :font{:$file}, :buf{:$text};
$glyphs = cairo-glyphs($shaper);
# -- OO interface --
my HarfBuzz::Shaper::Cairo $shaper2 .= new: :font{:$file}, :buf{:$text};
$glyphs = $shaper2.cairo-glyphs;
# -- FreeType integration --
use Font::FreeType;
use Font::FreeType::Face;
use HarfBuzz::Font::FreeType;
my Font::FreeType::Face $ft-face = Font::FreeType.face: $file;
my HarfBuzz::Font::FreeType() $font = %( :$ft-face );
my HarfBuzz::Shaper::Cairo $shaper3 .= new: :$font, :buf{:$text};
$glyphs = $shaper3.cairo-glyphs;


This module compiles a set of shaped glyphs into a Cairo::Glyphs object; suitable for use by the Cairo::Context show_glyphs() and glyph_path() methods.

Please see the examples/ folder, for a full working example.


method cairo-glyphs

method cairo-glyphs(
    Numeric :x($x0) = 0e0,
    Numeric :y($y0) = 0e0,
) returns Cairo::Glyphs

Return a set of Cairo compatible shaped glyphs

The returned object is typically passed to either the Cairo::Context show_glyphs() or glyph_path() methods