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HexDump::Tiny zef:raku-community-modules last updated on 2022-02-19

Revision history for HexDump-Tiny

0.6  2022-02-19T20:48:00+01:00
    - Introduce :skip / :head named arguments
    - Make sure these also work in the "hd" CLI
    - hd: Make help page more understandable
    - hd: Make sure help page is displayed on error

0.5  2022-02-19T18:54:04+01:00
    - Accept Blob as input as well
    - Adapt slurping in hd to :bin for performance

0.4  2022-02-19T18:21:40+01:00
    - Make sure we handle NFG correctly
    - Show newline as ␤ and unprintables as ⋅ for better readability
    - Document availability of "hd" script

0.3  2022-02-19T12:51:58+01:00
    - Add "hd" CLI for easy hexdumping

0.2  2022-02-19T12:09:27+01:00
    - First version in zef ecosystem