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IRC::Log::Colabti cpan:ELIZABETH last updated on 2021-06-09

Revision history for IRC-Log-Colabti

0.0.31  2021-06-09T22:39:25+02:00
    - Up dependency on IRC::Log to get support for .next / .prev
    - Add tests for .next / .prev

0.0.30  2021-05-25T22:11:14+02:00
    - Make .parse return the actual entries that were added, as a Seq

0.0.29  2021-05-25T17:56:59+02:00
    - Upped dependency on IRC::Log to 0.0.6 to get Message.gist fix

0.0.28  2021-05-24T11:11:16+02:00
    - Make sure .update handles changed files better, and make
      the check for additional parsing more robust.
    - Upped dependency on IRC::Log to 0.0.5

0.0.27  2021-05-19T19:51:33+02:00
    - Become a client of the new IRC::Log role, now that the API
      basically has stabilized.

0.0.26  2021-05-18T23:48:29+02:00
    - Reorganize handling of hour/minute/ordinal/pos internally
      "pos" is now part of the internal $!hmop attribute, so that
      calling .pos on an entry is not dependent on the number of
      entries, or the position of the entry in that days's entries.
    - .new now needs to be called with :hour, :minute, :ordinal
      and :pos attributes, thereby hiding how these are encoded
      internally and make a move to a role more easy.
    - Add .this-target for finding the entry with the given target

0.0.25  2021-05-13T16:43:06+02:00
    - Add support for .raw method

0.0.24  2021-05-06T13:19:07+02:00
    - Add support for nr-(control|conversation)-entries

0.0.23  2021-05-02T14:49:34+02:00
    - Condense hour/minute/ordinal into a single hmo attribute to
      reduce the memory footprint of each entry by about 5%.  Which
      may amount to quite a lot for channels with bigger log files.

0.0.22  2021-05-02T13:43:20+02:00
    - Give .new its own proto, for better error messaging
    - Change .sender to only return nick for Message objects

0.0.21  2021-05-01T12:48:20+02:00
    - Remove .seen-at method
    - Add entry methods .message, .sender, .prefix
    - Move .gist method to role, calling these methods

0.0.20  2021-04-30T23:15:00+02:00
    - Add support for entry.hh-mm method

0.0.19  2021-04-30T01:28:48+02:00
    - Make .entries return an IterationBuffer for performance

0.0.18  2021-04-29T23:06:49+02:00
    - Make target lazy again, it did not provide less memory footprint
    - Add hour, minute, ordinal back in
    - Remove "is required" from entry checks, they're not needed as internal
    - Use native attributes where possible

0.0.17  2021-04-29T21:36:59+02:00
    - Remove hour, minute, ordinal attributes to reduce memory footprint
    - Change target format to YYYY-MM-DDZHH:MM-OOOO
    - Add .hour, .minute, .ordinal methods based on .target substrings
    - Also base .date, .hhmm, .seen-at on .target substrings

0.0.16  2021-04-29T12:56:29+02:00
    - Add .first-target / .last-target methods
    - Add .update method for updating current log file

0.0.15  2021-04-27T20:44:29+02:00
    - Make Topic control *and* conversational message

0.0.14  2021-04-26T21:20:46+02:00
    - Make .target an attribute composed at TWEAK time
    - Also make sure that we can handle 1000+ unique ordinals.

0.0.13  2021-04-26T12:52:22+02:00
    - Add support for the entry.conversation message

0.0.12  2021-04-26T11:17:13+02:00
    - Add support for the entry.control message

0.0.11  2021-04-25T20:29:38+02:00
    - Make "nicks" setup non-lazy and a normal attribute

0.0.10  2021-04-25T19:20:14+02:00
    - Add "nicks" instance method with Map of nick -> entries

0.0.9  2021-04-25T15:18:30+02:00
    - Add "IO2Date" class method

0.0.8  2021-04-25T14:29:07+02:00
    - Don't use .lines, but split("\n") to fix edge cases with
      vertical whitespace
    - Don't use captures when accepting, makes initializing
      about 2x as fast
    - Use :ignoremark for finding end of nick in message if
      without :ignoremark failed, to fix some edge cases
    - Improve error reporting by providing line number as well

0.0.7  2021-04-25T12:40:39+02:00
    - Slurp files with "utf8-c8" encoding to be on the safe side
    - Rename "hhmm" method to "seen-at"
    - Add support new "hhmm" method that just is "hhmm:
    - No longer use (still slow) sprintf

0.0.6  2021-04-25T00:15:10+02:00
    - Add support for 'Kick' control messages
    - Add support for 'Topic' control messages

0.0.5  2021-04-24T22:31:00+02:00
    - Add support for 'Mode' control messages

0.0.4  2021-04-24T20:38:28+02:00
    - Add 'log' attribute to entries, referring back to the Log object
    - Make the 'log' attribute handle 'date', 'entries', 'problems'
    - Add 'pos' method to entries, giving the position in the entries

0.0.3  2021-04-24T16:09:10+02:00
    - Add 'date' attribute
    - Method new now a multi, either IO or string + date
    - Add 'problems' attribute
    - Don't report problems in STDERR, but keep in "problems"

0.0.2  2021-04-24T14:37:52+02:00
    - Add 'hhmm' method for log line prefix
    - Add 'ordinal' attribute, counting within a minute
    - Add 'target' method for creating an HTML anchor

0.0.1  2021-04-23T20:58:43+02:00
    - Initial version