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Inline::Perl5 cpan:NINE last updated on 2022-02-21

#!/usr/bin/env perl6

use v6;
use lib <t/lib>;
use Test;
use Inline::Perl5;
BEGIN EVAL 'use lib qw(t/lib);', :lang<Perl5>;

use P5Import:from<Perl5> <tests 2>;
use Errno:from<Perl5>;
use Encode:from<Perl5> <encode>;

use UseExport; # also loads Encode

use NonC3MRO:from<Perl5>; # would break with C3 MRO
use WithC3MRO:from<Perl5>; # explicitly requests C3 MRO

eval-dies-ok "use P5ModuleVersion:from<Perl5>:ver<2.1>;";

is(P5Import::p5_ok(1), 1);
is(p5_ok(1), 1, "importing subs works");
is(p5_ok2(1), 1, "importing manually created subs works");
is(P5Import::import_called(), 1);
ok(p5_hash_ok({a => 1}), "passing a hash to imported sub works");

my $i = 0;
for 1, 2 {
is($i, 0, '"next" did not get overwritten by import');

is encode('utf8', 'foo'), 'foo';

is(NonC3MRO.^*.^name).Str, 'NonC3MRO C A Any Mu B D');
is(WithC3MRO.^*.^name).Str, 'WithC3MRO K1 K2 K3 X U V W Y Any Mu');


# vim: ft=raku