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JSON::Class cpan:JSTOWE last updated on 2021-02-02


use v6;
use Test;

use JSON::Class;

class Inner {
    has %.hash;
    has Rat $.rat;
class Outer does JSON::Class {
    has Bool $.bool-attr;
    has Str  $.string;
    has Str  @.str-array;
    has Int  $.int;
    has Inner $.inner;
    has $!private = 'private';

my $outer = => True, string => "string", str-array => <one two three>, int => 42, inner => => 4.2, hash => { A => 1, B => 2 }));

my $ret;

lives-ok { $ret = $ }, "marshal object with to-json";

my Outer $new;

lives-ok { $new = Outer.from-json($ret) }, "unmarshall to object with from-json";

ok $new.defined, "it's defined";

isa-ok $new, Outer, "its the right kind of object";

is $new.bool-attr, $outer.bool-attr, "bool right";
is $new.string, $outer.string, "string right";
is $, $, "int right";
is $new.str-array, $outer.str-array, "arrays are the same";
is $new.inner.rat, $outer.inner.rat, "inner class rat the same";
is $new.inner.hash<A>, $outer.inner.hash<A>, "inner hash 1";
is $new.inner.hash<B>, $outer.inner.hash<B>, "inner hash 2";

# vim: expandtab shiftwidth=4 ft=raku